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Veeam Cloud Connect

Start time: 04-10-2020 00:00
End time: 01-12-2020 00:00

Dear Partner,

In our efforts to combat the backup performance issues from the past couple of weeks we have taken multiple actions to ensure stable backups to the cloud. In addition to the deployment of new storage hardware, we have now optimized the Veeam software configuration to fully utilize the modern features.

Customers located on Stand-Alone repositories have been transitioned to a Scale-out Repository. This has the added benefit that customers backup jobs don’t have to wait for resources to free up on one specific storage location. Backups can now fully utilize all available storage platforms in the 2tCloud backup infrastructure at all times.

In the upcoming weeks, we will seal several repository extents to gradually transition your existing cloud repository data to the new storage devices. Your data will remain safe and available for restores, merges and removes. Veeam backup software will automatically create a new active-backup chain on the new repository extents without any actions needed from your side.

Should you still experience issues with backup jobs that utilize cloud repositories, we recommend you to contact the Veeam or 2tCoud support team.

This message is related to the following cloud service(s):

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery | Veeam Cloud Connect

Indirect Reseller requirements Enforcement

Start time: 26-10-2020 11:59
End time: Unknown

Dear Partner,

If you are unable to purchase Microsoft 365 services for your end customer account and receive the below error message you should follow the following guide:

“At this moment this purchase cannot be completed due to the following issue: the Indirect Reseller configuration of an upstream reseller account is incorrect. Please contact your vendor to resolve the issue.”

Microsoft started to enforce these limits and will block any orders if you do not comply with the indirect reseller requirements.

This message is related to the following cloud service(s):

  • Microsoft Cloud | Office 365

Important announcement: end of life message

Start time: 01-12-2020 00:00
End time: Unknown

Dear cloud partner,

In order to improve the quality and security of our services, we will be deploying MFA on the 2tCloud platform. However, we cannot activate MFA before terminating several outdated integrations. That is why we are required to announce the End of Support (EoS) and End of Life (EoL) dates of several services, including:

  • Desktop as a Service
  • Hosted Exchange 2013 (Basic & Enterprise)
  • Linux Next Generation Web Hosting
  • Frame forwarding (as a part of domain registration)

An EoS and EoL date of 1 December 2020 applies for all services. As of this date, all services will be terminated.

We are happy to advise you on alternative cloud services for customers currently using the services above.

Desktop as a Service
We advise you to migrate to one of the following services:

  • Microsoft 365 combined with RDS on Copaco VMware Cloud
  • Microsoft 365 combined with Microsoft Azure
  • Workspace 365

Hosted Exchange 2013
We advise you to migrate to one of the following services:

  • Exchange Online Plan 1 combined with Advanced Threat Protection
  • Exchange Online Plan 2 combined with Advanced Threat Protection

Linux Next Generation Web Hosting
We advise you to migrate to Linux Web Hosting Plesk. It is also important to know that ‘frame forwarding’ will no longer be supported (free of charge).

We hope we’ve provided sufficient information and that you will take the necessary steps to migrate your customers to a new service. This will prevent your customers being locked out of their services and data after the End of Life date.

Should you have any questions about this announcement, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please turn to or +31 (0)40 2306 340 for commercial questions about pricing or the capabilities of alternative services. For technical questions, please contact

Kind regards,

Pascal Nuyttens
CTO Copaco Cloud