Microsoft Cloud integration upgrade for Office 365 (Postponed)

Status: Scheduled
Start time: 24-08-2019 01:00
End time: 24-08-2019 09:00
Estimated downtime: 04:00

Dear valued partner,

In order to provide you extended functionality we are upgrading our integration (APS) of Office 365 in our control panel.
In this major upgrade we are going to implement new scenarios of buying and managing customers using our platform, as well as increasing security.

In the weekend of August 23rd on August 24th managing Office 365 from within the control panel, as well as placing orders is not available.

Operational Cloud services will not be affected by this maintenance, however you cannot make changes to subscriptions during the upgrade window.

New scenarios that will be supported after this upgrade:
- Allow a single customer to link multiple Microsoft accounts from within the same control panel account.
- Allow a single customer to order Microsoft Office 365 licenses from multiple resellers on the same Microsoft account within the 2tCloud platform.
- It is no longer required to Synchronize and link users to our platform.
- Our control panel now supports managing all Office 365 licenses available on a Microsoft account, even if they are not ordered from 2tCloud.
- Additional security measures are implemented in the "Import Existing Tenant" ordering scenario. Validation is no longer executed by providing end customer credentials, but is now replaced with DNS record validation.

Please contact support in case you need immediate assistance during this window.


Update: The upgrade will not take place on August 24th. We will schedule a new date next week.

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Workspace 365 Update to version v3.2.0

Status: Scheduled
Start time: 22-08-2019 22:00
End time: 22-08-2019 23:00
Estimated downtime: 01:00

We have rescheduled the Workspace365 maintenance window to the 22th of August 2019 between 22.00 and 23.00. During this maintenance window Workspace 365 will be updated to the newest version; version V3.2.0

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  • Workspace 365


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