Upcoming Maintenance

Status: Scheduled
Start time: 05-06-2020 18:00
End time: 06-06-2020 08:00
Estimated downtime: 12:00

We would like to inform you of upcoming scheduled maintenance on the 2tCloud hosting infrastructure that will cause some downtime of services. Starting on Friday evening, the 5th of June we will execute maintenance on 2tCloud services. Below is an overview of the expected downtime of services.


2tCloud Automation control panel and API's

The 2tCloud Automation System will be shut down to facilitate a migration to new datacenter infrastructure. At 18h00 the services will be turned off. Migration is expected to take 12 hours. We expect to bring the system back online on Saturday morning the 6th of June around 8h00. While the migration is taking place you are not able to order cloud services or make configuration changes to any services managed to trough the 2tCloud control panel or APIs. Cloud services are not affected unless they are listed below.


Veeam Cloud Connect

The Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure will be shut down for maintenance at 19h00. During the downtime we will upgrade Veeam software to the latest version and apply the latest security patches on the operation system. We expect the system to be back online at 22h00. Backup jobs running will be interrupted at shutdown and new backups cannot be started while the maintenance is taking place.




There are currently no outages reported.