How to order Microsoft Cloud for existing tenants

Microsoft Cloud / Microsoft Office 365 / How to order Microsoft Cloud for existing tenants

This article explains how to order Microsoft Cloud subscriptions for tenants which are already registerd with Microsoft

Guide Pre-requirements

  • accepted the MOSPA
    Make sure you have completed your MPN ID enrollment and have accepted the MOSPA.

  • MPN ID in your reseller account 
    Please enter the MPN ID in your reseller account on

  • Register your customer in the 2tCloud platform
    How to create a Customer:
    ADMIN ACCOUNT (sync account) : 
    Our control panel will search for the original Admin account ( and uses this one to sync with our control panel. Make sure this admin still exists in customer tenant, or recreate it! Orders will fail if this Admin user is deleted or renamed.
    • This admin account must have Global Admin privileges
    • This admin account must have disabled option: 'Must change password at next logon'




  1. Start at the customer control panel from the customer

  2. In the Home screen click on Marketplace in the left side of the screen.

  3. Search for the subscription that you need. Please note that this screen shows categories of the subscriptions we have. In my Example I’m going to order Office 365 Business Premium. This is under the Microsoft Cloud | Office 365 Business. You can use CTRL+F to quickly find the subscription. Click on the category the subscription is in.

  4. Click on the subscription and click on click on Next.

  5. Click on Use Existing Microsoft Online account and follow the steps on the screen.

  6. Now you see a couple of steps. There is a refresh button to check the status 'Done' or 'Not done'.

  7. Accept the terms of services in the Microsoft Office Portal and press the CSP Authorize

    This verification has to be done by creating a TXT record in the Microsoft Admin Portal from the client tenant. 

    In the Microsoft Admin Portal go to Installation -> Domains

    Click on the '' domain

    Then button 'New DNS record': 

    Now go back to 2tCloud Control Panel and click button 'Refresh'

  9. When everything is 'Done' you can continue 'Next' 

  10. Use the following screen to buy extra resources or extra licenses for the subscription you purchased using the “+” button.

  11. Confirm your order and click on Finish.



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