How to order Microsoft Cloud for new tenants

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This article explains how to order Microsoft Cloud subscriptions for tenants that aren't registered with Microsoft yet

Last reviewed: 12/07/2018.


Please make sure the following prerequisite has been met:

  • Your MPN ID has been entered on the Partner Portal - How to enter you MPN ID

  • You can only order Microsoft Cloud Services on Customer level, you are unable to order Microsoft Cloud Services on your own Partner level.
    If you want to order Microsoft Cloud Services for your customer, you will have to log in as your customer on the Customer Control Panel. On reseller level, only a subscription "Office365 for reseller" is available. This is only an administrative registration of you MPNid and enables you to sell Office365 to your customers. You cannot use this subscription for anything else. If you want to order Microsoft Cloud Services for yourself, you will have to create yourself as a customer:
    How to create a customer
  • Please note that a customer can only order a maximum of 1 Business Premium subscription.
    If the customer already has a Business Premium CSP subscription and you try to order a second subscription the activation will fail. Please follow the following document if you would like to upgrade or downgrade the seats of the Microsoft Cloud Services - How to upgrade/downgrade number of licenses



  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel

  2. Click on Buy More Services

  3. Select the Microsoft Cloud service category you want to buy a service in and click Next

  4. Select the Microsoft Cloud service you want to buy and click Next

  5. Confirm the one month subscription period by clicking Next

  6. Fill in the subdomain you want and check the availability. Keep in mind that the current character limit is 25 characters. When the message appears The subdomain is available click on Next

    If this is not the first CSP product you order for this customer you can leave the domain field empty. This domain field only needs to be filled in once, when ordering the first CSP product for this customer

  7. Before ordering Office 365, please note that you have to accept the terms and conditions

  8. Confirm the order and press Place order

  9. You have ordered a Microsoft Cloud Service

  10. Please wait while the service is being provisioned.
    If the provisioning takes up more than 72 hours, please contact support to request a status update

UX1 (CCPv2)

  1. Start at the customer control panel from the customer
  2. In the Home screen click on Marketplace in the left side of the screen.
  3. Search for the subscription that you need. Please note that this screen shows categories of the subscriptions we have. In my Example I’m going to order Office 365 Business Premium. This is under the Microsoft Cloud | Office 365 Business. You can use CTRL+F to quickly find the subscription. Click on the category the subscription is in.
  4. Click on the subscription and click on click on Next.
  5. Click on Sign up for new Microsoft Online account.
  6. Fill in a user username, domainname and a password and click on Next.

    Note: If the domain is already taken, it will show you the following message:
  7. Adjust the amount of licenses or resources (add-ons) and click on Finish.
  8. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click on Purchase.
  9. Wait for the order to provision.



Additional steps in customer Admin Portal

In the case your customer has special characters in the companyname, they could get issues with OneDrive For Business.
Reason: Windows computers can not use all the special characters in files and folders.

How to change the Companyname:

  • Login the Microsoft Admin Portal from the client
  • Go to 'Settings' -> Companyprofile
  • Then you can edit the companyname: Remove all special characters like: 
    • .
    • /
    • \
    • &
    • etc