How to create a Customer

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Instruction for reseller to create a customer

  1. Log in to Partner Control Panel.

  2. In the top menu, click on Billing

  3. Navigate to: Operations > Customers

  4. Click on the New Customer Account button

  5. Enter the required account information and click Next.

    NOTE: Make sure you choose the correct TAX Zone! If you choose the incorrect zone, tax might not be added to the invoice.

  6. Enter the required customer information and then click Next.

    It is recommended to fill in the customer information and not yours (the partner). The information that is filled in will be used for the creation of subscriptions!

    If you want you can use different details on the Billing Contact Information or Technical Contact Information. To specify this you uncheck the corresponding checkboxes and enter the details.

    If you want to receive the customer invoices yourself fill in your e-mailaddress in the Billing Contact Information.

    If you do not want to use the invoices that are used by our 2tCloud platform you can disable all customer invoicing with the following guide: How to disable customer notifications

Note for Dutch ZIP-codes: The 'Zip / Postal Code' must have a space after the number. This about printscreen is wrong. When you do not have a space in the ZIP then you could get a white / blank screen when ordening Microsoft Azure.

  1. On the Additional information screen you are not required to fill in information. We recommend that you fill in the RegNum (KvK), VATNum and KvK Number as these fields are used be a few subscribtions.

    The Customer Number is used for the API found on the following page "" (log in required).

    When you are done filling in the fields click Next.

  2. Fill in the required information for the account used to log in to the Customer Control Panel. Whether you want to give these credentials to you customer is up to you.
    Note: The Login Name is unique throughout the entire platform, keep this in mind when you choose the login name.

  3. The customer account has been created: